Our story

Lifetect Botanics, LLC is a privately owned US brand. The ​company and its team ​work ​closely with
leading experts ​along with ​scientists in the field of botanic research and ​bio-technology.
While our main focus remains on development of our unique, higher quality natural products,
​we also explore new markets for extraordinary food supplements for the 21st century lifestyle.

Science behind the Nature and its everyday new world-wide discoveries are the inspiration for ​us.
It​ advances our mission and ​pushes​ us forward toward manufacturing better and more effective
food supplement products based on superior quality, purity, and latest scientific ​discoveries

We truly believe ​in the ​healing properties of Cannium Hemp Oil and its ability to recover human
cells through hemp oil derivatives. Our mission is to help provide access to higher standard natural
products so everyone ​can enjoy a higher quality of-life. Our products may help restore the balance
of your body and mind, improve health and ​overall homeostasis.

Our focus is to keep the all-natural and pure unaltered flavors and pure products, which mother nature
created. This way you can experience the old-fashioned style that our ancestors were
experiencing. The strongest version we offer is our 2500mg. It was designed to deliver
maximum power, efficiency and therapeutically effective responses for targeted health disorders,
especially for those who are in need or with strong Cannabinoid deficiency. We are also proud to
be part of the NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association), which allows us to keep our
customers up to date on the latest industry news and discoveries.

Have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us!