Terms of Use of the Web Interface


The site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' operator is:

Lifetech Botanics, LLC
residence: 5857 Owens Avenue, Suite 300, Carlsbad, CA 92008, California
contact phone: +1 (442) 266-7711
contact email: info(at)lifetechbotanics.com
(as "Provider" in the next)

Registered user is any individual who is not an entrepreneur capable of legal acts, a individual entrepreneur or a legal entity (in the next "User"), which is registered on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' by agreeing to these Terms of Use of the Web Interface. 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.


User Profile

User profile of the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' means the personal account of the user that is generated by the registration. Creating a user profile is voluntary and free of charge. The user profile allows the user to subscribe to information about news or gadgets, get loyalty discounts, share information, and more. (in addition to shopping to get various extra services). The use of features associated with the user profile is voluntary and free of charge.


Is a natural person non-entrepreneur, a natural person an entrepreneur or a legal entity that uses a user profile of the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.

Unauthorized person

An unauthorized person is a person who is not entitled to use the services of the Provider (a person who does not have a user profile on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com', or has incorrect, false registration, or for other reasons).

III. Subject of Terms of Use of the Web Interface

Terms of use of the web interface govern the relationship, the rights and obligations of the parties to legal relationships arising from the use of the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.

IV. Registration conditions

The user profile can be obtained by the one who is:

• 1. Accepts and agrees with these Terms of Use of the Web Interface.
• 2. Provides the Provider with valid personal (or corporate) data necessary for registration and creation of a personal profile. The User agrees to the Terms of Use of the Web Interface and undertakes not to be a natural or legal person, or to make false claims or to misrepresent his or her association with any natural or legal person. Provider in case of suspected incomplete, non-existent or long-term inactive (more than 12 months) or malicious registration is entitled to cancel this. The Provider also reserves the right in this case to prevent access to the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' for the User.
• 3. Based on registration form and the credentials (username, password) that serve to authenticate the user's identity when accessing the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' is duly registered users of the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.
• 4. You will not use any device, software, or automated means, or otherwise attempt to copy, disturb and disrupt the proper operation of the e-shop, services or other features that eshop offers.
• 5. Notes that the provider does not endorse the content of the data supplied to the System by the User nor assumes any liability for any objectionable, abusive, obscene, disturbing, or offensive material that is part of such material or for any criminal offense to which the use of this site.

User based on registration:

• 6. Expresses free and direct consent with the Terms of Use of the Web Interface and free and direct consent with processing of the personal data provided.
• 7. It gains its unique access to the user zone (personal profile) with the right to manage its personal profile (edit input data, input password, etc.).
• 8. Acknowledges and agrees that he must itself provide its authorization data in such a way as to exclude as far as possible their misuse by unauthorized persons.
• 9. Acknowledges and agrees that he is fully responsible for all activities that have been transferred from his / her personal profile or, with its authorization data. The User is also fully responsible for any financial or copyright damage that may be incurred by the provider of the misuse of its user authorization data when provided to third parties.
• 10. In case, the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' will allow registered users to contribute to discussion, evaluate products, or write internal messages between users, declare that their messages and comments will not be in the nature of messages that are vulgar, abusive, outrageous, obscene, propaganda, directly propagating violence, racism, fascism, or other movements and ideologies aimed at suppressing the rights and freedoms of citizens, will not be of a commercial origin and will not incite to commit crimes or violations of the law of the United States.
• 11. It is not required to pay any fees and charges in connection with his/her registration on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.

V. Privacy

The user grants his / her consent in accordance with HIPAA on the protection of personal data to process their personal data for the purpose of providing the services, recording the data of the User, as well as for fulfillment of other contractual and legal obligations. The Provider is authorized to process these personal data in his / her information systems, obliging them to protect against unauthorized access, respecting their confidentiality and personal character, and not providing personal user data to third parties. You can read the entire privacy statement of the Provider HERE.

VI. Fees

• 1. Create a user profile by signing up on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' is free of charge.
• 2. In case that the Provider and the User conclude a written Partnership Agreement, their rights and obligations, including fees, are governed by the provisions of this Partner Agreement.

VII. Return policy

Because the user profile associated with the site registration 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' is not associated with any fees and is voluntary, the user is not entitled to make any claims resulting from the use of the profile. Any feedback on improvements or changes can be expressed through the contact form located on the website in the section: CONTACTS v 'www.lifetechbotanics.com').

VII. Cancellation of registration at User's request

• 1. The User may, at any time and without giving any reason, in writing, to the address of the Provider's home or via the e-mail. mail requests to cancel the registration, and the Provider undertakes to cancel the user's personal profile as soon as possible and to inform him of this fact.
• 2. The User acknowledges that the revocation of consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with HIPAA - Privacy Statement is automatically understood as a request to cancel the registration.
• 3. The Provider is also entitled to cancel the User's registration due to unauthorized interference with the data on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'.
• 4. The Provider is entitled to cancel the User's Account (user account) for legal or other reasonable reasons.

VIII. Specific provisions

• 1. The user is not authorized to distribute through the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' unsolicited information, or any other advertising information for which the Provider or the persons exercising the applicable rights (in particular, the copyright) has not obtained consent. The Provider is entitled at any time to request the User to provide the appropriate approvals. In the event that the User does not prove to the Provider that he is the right holder or executor of the respective rights (in particular copyright), the Provider is entitled to cancel the User's registration, even without prior notice. For any damages caused by violation of third party rights, the User is fully responsible.
• 2. Site content 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' is subject to intellectual property. The user is not entitled to use the rights to any third party or any third party to any of the rights belonging to the Provider. The User bears full responsibility for any resulting financial or copyright damage to the Provider.
• 3. The Provider reserves the right to innovate and modify the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com', and the User is required to respect these changes.
• 4. The Provider reserves the right to send information to the user of site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' or third party partners.
• 5. Provider is not responsible for:
  • how to use site features 'www.lifetechbotanics.com' and the consequences of their use
  • for the services and their resulting consequences made available through the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com',provided by third parties
  • the security of data, files and any information transmitted over the Internet, or for their loss, distortion, damage or destruction
  • limitation or unavailability of services, downgrading of quality, speed or outages caused by a third party
  • for information and site content 'www.lifetechbotanics.com', which are located on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com', but not presented by the Provider, is not responsible for the protection of the data presented by this information

IX. Updating the Terms of Use of the Web Interface

The Provider reserves the right to change these Terms of Use of the Web Interface, e.g. after adding new services, upgrading current services, or changing technologies. All changes will take effect at the time of publishing updated conditions on the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com'. If the Provider makes any significant or extensive changes to the site 'www.lifetechbotanics.com', notifies the user via e-mail with a clear notice about these changes.

X. Final provisions

• 1. Other Terms and conditions (which are not mentioned here) for using the web interface are governed by generally binding legal regulations in the United Sates.
• 2. The user is responsible for damages caused by breach of these Terms of Use or legal obligations. The extent and manner of its reimbursement is governed by the provisions of generally binding legal regulations, in particular the Commercial Code of United States.

X. Contact

In case of any ambiguities, questions or links to the Terms of Use of the Web Interface, the User may contact the Provider at email address info(at)lifetechbotanics.com.

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