Greetings fellow chocolate lovers,

Every now and then we rediscover a deeper understanding of what quality really means that reshapes how we can transcend the standard idea of good--- taking us to the realm of speechless… To accomplish that, we must scrutinize traditional values of quality beyond all others, and enter into a higher class standards altogether.

Chocolate from the coco bean is naturally healthy and is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet, as well as having elements of fiber, magnesium, and copper. But most often and unknown to the consumer, the majority of cocoa beans also have some of the highest pesticide loads of any crop in the world due to weak regulations in countries that produce cacao thereby making it highly toxic and a total disgrace of the product and health of the consumer.

That’s why Lifetech Botanics has searched out the highest quality organic cocoa and craftsmanship to create the world’s finest 100% organic, boutique chocolate now combined with our organic Caninum CBD, resulting in an incredibly new unique flavor truly redefining what it means to enjoy a healthier quality of chocolate. You deserve the best there is, and we provide no less, and within each bite transcending the standard idea of good--- taking us into to an entirely new realm of speechless... Enjoy!

Athan Bloom (President)

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